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Big Tomato Company, renowned for award-winning modern English ceramic collections, launch Provocative Porcelain©

Provocative Porcelain© is a concept inspired by 21st century World activism including ‘Black Lives Matter’, ‘The Women’s March’ and the #MeToo movement. Picking up the mantle of earlier activists Josiah Wedgwood and Sylvia Pankhurst, ‘Stop Food Waste’ is the inaugural collection of six 10-inch fine bone china dinner plates. Conceived as a collection to raise awareness of our collective responsibility and ability to make a difference.

Approximately a 3rd of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted. Food loss exacerbates food insecurity and malnutrition, it accounts for a quarter of all water used by agriculture.

“As global citizens the individual steps we take, make a difference!” Gloria Daniel

Big Tomato Company has produced this collection on ‘Seconds China’ to reinforce sustainability throughout the supply chain and will make a donation of 10% from each sale to the charity City Harvest London.

Gloria Daniel, creative director of Big Tomato Company was invited to set a brief for 3rd year students on the BA Hons Illustration course, at Camberwell College of Arts, by Mary Kuper (illustration lecturer) and Jen Franklin (acting course leader) as part of their annual ‘Camberwell External Project.’

Students were asked to consider this global challenge of food waste and to use the Big Tomato Company concept Provocative Porcelain ©. for activism in 2019 by citizens, business and government to encourage others to pursue efforts in reducing food waste. Using a focussed colour palette of black & green, the illustrations are connected by one singular clear message…

“Make Every Mouthful Count”

“Each year the BA Hons Illustration course at Camberwell College of Arts set up four or five elective external projects for the third-year students. The project runs in the Spring term. The initial introductions are instigated by the Year Leader. The students have the responsibility of liaising with the client as they would for any other external brief. The briefs vary in nature and have ranged from editorial, book cover illustration, moving image and game design to object, furniture or interior proposals for interactive environments”. Jen Franklin

The selected illustrations are from a talented pool of 3rd year illustrators - Jingyi Li, Mary Watts, Stephanie Walters, Tarn Jones, YuanYuan Wang & Yue Pan

• Josiah Wedgwood was a committed supporter of the abolitionist movement and actively participated in the anti-slavery cause until his death in 1795. The production of his slave medallion ‘Am I not a Man and a Brother’, was reproduced as a Porcelain Cameo. This was donated and distributed to promote the abolition of slavery.
• One of the best known fund-raising bazaars of the Women’s Suffrage Movement was the 1909 WSPU Exhibition at the Princess Skating ring in Knightsbridge. In the spirit of professionalism, the tea rooms run by Suffragette societies, served tea in specially commissioned white china cups and plates. The simple shapes and ‘Angel of Freedom’ motif designed by Sylvia Pankhurst were produced by Staffordshire pottery HM Williamson of Longton.
• City Harvest London helps put surplus food to good use in a sustainable way, by distributing to organisations that feed the hungry
• Big Tomato Company have manufactured their ceramic collections in Longton Stoke-on-Trent since 2003.
• Retail Price - Dinner Plate £28.95
• Instagram @bigtomatocompany #ProvocativePorcelain #StopFoodWaste #MakeEveryMouthfulCount #Sustainability

For more information and product images, please get in touch with Vicky Daniel

‘How Hungry Are You?’
Yue Pan aims to remind people to consider the portion they require for a meal, in order to reduce food waste from over-taking and over-cooking. Yue Pan
‘Love Your Leftovers’
“I wanted to get people to think about cooking fresh meals from scratch. By doing this we can save our leftovers and turn them into another nutritious meal. This plate will make people consider the value of food and how our relationship to it needs to change, to benefit ourselves and the environment.” Stephanie Walters
‘Unfinished Animals’
“YuanYuan hoped people could realize that they not only wasted food but also wasted the precious life of animals”. YuanYuan Wang
‘Expiry Date’
“I focussed on the use of expiry dates, and how consumers will most likely go by the date stamped on their food products rather than use their own logic to tell if their food is spoiled. Waste company WRAP estimates that £13 billion worth of edible food is thrown out in Britain every year, showing the confusion of dates on food is a big contributor to produce being discarded - even though it would still be perfectly safe to eat”
“Leaving the expiry date on the plate as "unknown" hints to the consumer to figure it out for themselves, as you would judge leftovers from a home cooked meal - or maybe encourage conversation about not to taking the date stamped on their food products too seriously” Mary Watts
‘Real Veg Comes In All Shapes’
“I chose to focus on wonky veg as a way to reduce food waste and so aimed to encourage people to eat the fruit and veg that they would otherwise consider ‘ugly'. The final image was produced using reduction lino print!” Tarn Jones
‘Learn To Grow’
“Influenced by The Chinese poem from Tang -Dynasty poet ‘Li Shen’ who writes about food waste” The poem name is ‘Toiling Farmer’ - Hoeing the grass under the noonday sun. His sweat drips on the ground beneath. Who knows that on the dining plate… Every single grain means hardship”
“I researched information about the process of growing food and combined this poem to find the relationship between food and humans. I think to suggest and encourage humans to grow food by themselves, can make them understand food is hard-won and they will treasure it.” Jingyi Li

About Big Tomato Company

Big Tomato Company and Unite & Type were founded by Gloria Daniel.

Since 2003, Big Tomato Company have manufactured award winning, modern English creamware in the heart of the Staffordshire Potteries selling to over 400 leading design and lifestyle stores worldwide.

Based in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, we produce four collections a year, working with fine, ivory bone china and earthenware.

In 2012 we opened the Unite & Type shop & showroom in London's World famous Portobello Road where we a offer a bespoke, typographic ceramics service.

We are proud to have been awarded The Good Web Guide Best Retail Website of 2013 for Unite & Type.


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